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Vision – Mission


To be the most trusted trader–importer of world–class Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in the country.


Our mission is to answer life’s unending quest for a healthy and productive living by providing modern, superior and value–added raw materials for pharmaceutical, vitamins and veterinary use. We want to discover, develop and successfully market innovative and quality products to cure diseases, to ease suffering and to enhance the quality of life.

We want to be known for having an indisputable feedback from our customers, meeting their needs and even surpassing their unpredictable conjectures. We strive to create admissible earnings growth, ranking in the top position of the industry and securing long–term business relation. We want to build a reputation for an agitative and impressive workplace in which employees can apprehend their professional aspirations.

We endeavor for a motivating ambiance where thorough research is encouraged and where up–to–date technologies are applied. Lastly, we want to confer to society through our economic contribution, through the affirmative environmental and social benefits of our products, and through open confabulation with our members