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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been playing a key role in the Philippine industries, both with the large enterprises and the small–medium scale enterprises (SMEs). Businesses have been developing social responsibility practices to increase the positive culmination of the corporate values of the organization and its stakeholders. Aside from enduring by the legal and ethical CSR, it is a crucial concern for most companies, like that of ANFLO, to do CSR through philanthropic means.

Being more than two decades in the industry, it has always been the passion of Mr. and Mrs. San Antonio (President and Vice–President of ANFLO) to give back to the society in which they belong. Through the years, they have been involved in the religious and communal activities of their parish.

In fact, last June 11, 2011 the Social Service Development Ministry (SSDM) of the Our Lady of Pentecost Parish (OLPP) conducted the "Pistang Alay: Serbisyong Pangkalusugan at Pangkabuhayan". In such event, ANFLO Interchemical Supply Corp. donated medicines for the Medical Mission and served as one of the sponsors for the fun run.

Word–class service, as indicated in the vision of the company, is achieved not only by providing quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to our clients, but also through whole–hearted generosity to the community in which we serve.

ANFLO continues to aim for sustainability through its legal, ethical, economic and philanthropic corporate responsibilities, gearing towards serving both its clients and the society.